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Build Your Fortune With The Fortunebuilders Program

2Creating wealth is the goal of most people, but few people seem to achieve that dream. If you are willing to commit to gaining the knowledge of real estate investing, you can achieve the financial freedom that you are looking for. With the Fortunebuilders program, you can gain all the information that you need on real estate.

Who are Fortunebuilders?

This is an education company which was founded by experienced real estate investors. They have the tools, systems, coaching and education programs that will help you to accelerate your real estate business both existing and new businesses. This is a company that was formed with three passions; teaching, real estate and entrepreneurship.

The Education Program

They have designed an education program that will help you attain the relevant information. Real investors do not invest in making business but in gaining a financial education. There are different courses that you can use to learn more about the real estate company.

– Mastery program; this is for the most qualified professionals. You will receive a one on one coaching. You will also get access to live training events.

– Courses; the company has different real estate investing courses including; marketing for deals, wholesaling for cash and rehabbing and maximizing profits.

Does it Work?

The company offers three-day events that are geared to helping you gain knowledge on real estate. Most of the people that have gone through the education program have seen great success in their businesses. The program works if you are willing to put in the time to study and do what is taught.

The Management

The company is run by experts in the real estate business. The CEO and the founder of the company are than merrill and JD Esaijian the president of the company. Paul Esaijian and Konrad Sopielnikow are the CFO and the COO respectively.